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Who we are

AI Enterprise is an innovation project at Deutsche Telekom. Our mission is to raise our customers' experiences and the efficiency of delivering our services to new levels − using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Imagine ...

... you have an issue with your Internet connection at home. Your favorite show is starting in a minute, but your Internet-connected TV is not working. This is the moment you want to reach out for help. And − as we know from continuously talking to our customers − you most likely want this help to be:

  • NOW: No waiting in a hotline, and via the channels you prefer.
  • SIMPLE: One-stop help, after explaining your issue just once, and without being bothered by technological jargon.
  • FOR YOU: The helping hand knows you as a customer, helps you in a personalized manner, and remembers your conversation when you reach out via a different channel next time − it almost feels like talking to a friend.

Our vision

This is exactly what we are working on in project AI Enterprise. Our vision is to create:
ONE coherent and rewarding CONVERSATION with each customer across all touchpoints.

What we are working on

In working towards our vision, we are focusing on two intertwined initiatives:

We have built and are constantly improving human-like, easy-to-access, no-waiting, around-the-clock support for our customers. Our digital assistant FRAG MAGENTA:

  • is where our customers are − on our websites, in our MeinMagenta service app, in our Hello Magenta smart speaker, and soon in WhatsApp and our hotline.
  • offers immediate support for a wide range of issues − from billing inquiries all the way to fixing your Internet connection.
  • seamlessly hands over to a human agent if required, sharing all of your previous conversation with them.

We are making our customers' interactions with Deutsche Telekom an increasingly personalized experience. For this, we are developing MAGENTA 4U. It:

  • personalizes our customers' dialogues with Frag Magenta if they need support, and
  • individualizes our customers' experiences across other digital touchpoints to help them explore the full power of Deutsche Telekom and its products/services more easily.

How we work

A strong culture of customer centricity is key to our work. This is particularly important when working in a field as technologically promising − and challenging − as AI. On top of this, we

  • work as one team with our operative business units to ensure relevance of innovation from day 1,
  • deliver tangible business impact fast,
  • complement human capabilities with AI, rather than replacing them,
  • always leverage AI along clearly communicated ethical AI Guidelines, and
  • work in a strongly international and empowered team for diversity of ideas and maximum impact.

How to contact us

Want to know more? The best way to contact us is to simply drop an e-mail to .