Podcast: AI & Cloud

“We have to start”, says Adel Al-Saleh, CEO of T-Systems, responsible for large business customers. But aren't there still many ethical issues to be clarified? Also in terms of data protection, for example in the healthcare sector, to name one example? That, too, is a topic of conversation. Nemat and Al-Saleh agree: there is a rush, and at the same time, well-considered regulation is needed, something that discourages misuse of the technology, a “flexible regulatory framework,” as Adel Al-Saleh puts it. “We need ethical AI for humans.” Claudia Nemat highlights how far Deutsche Telekom, for example, has come in this regard. The company has pioneered AI guidelines and recently adopted a manifesto on the use of AI. Further training and information for employees also have a high priority: “We invest in this.”

This video is part of Claudia Nemat's podcast format “Connecting the Dots”. It was recorded with an audience for the first time this time. Refik Anadol's AI artwork “Machine Hallucinations – Satellite Simulations: B” at the Bonn Headquarters served as the backdrop. Here’s the next drop from #AIPeople – real people shaping Artificial Intelligence.