How can we demo­cratize Genera­tive AI?

Here’s the next drop from #AIPeople – real people shaping Artificial Intelligence.

Will the future of Artificial Intelligence be decided by a few companies? Or will all of us participate? Prof. Dr. Björn Ommer, professor at the LMU in Munich, believes the latter. And so, he not only invented stable diffusion, a powerful image generator. But he also made it available for free. For everyone. Inviting all of us to reflect on the capabilities of AI. But how can Generative AI improve learning? Will using Generative AI become as normal as using text processing software? And as easy as riding a bike? What will be key use cases for using Generative AI?

Other topics were: What does it take to develop something like stable diffusion? What else has to happen for the AI revolution to have an advantageous, sustainable and integrative effect on us humans? How will generative AI possibly change learning in the future?

Is generative AI becoming something like an enabling technology and what will be key use cases for using Generative AI? Follow the discussion moderated by Claudia Nemat, the Innovation lead for the western world’s most valuable Telco.