Ops – I did it again

‘In the modern circus of computers and developers, a DevOPS manager is almost the tamer’ Hendrik Dau.

How do you actually tame an algorithm? How do you orchestrate numbers and functions into an ensemble? How do you know that containers don't necessarily belong on a ship and clouds don't necessarily belong in the sky? Quite simply, you know everything from mathematics to neurotechnology perfectly, you learn every day and ensure that the continuously faster rotating world of technology is always up to date. Only in this way and also thanks to the special work of Hendrik, can the developers and data scientists at One Conversation carry out their tasks as automated as possible every day.

So it's best if you don't just master technology but actually love it. In this way, we at the Innovation Hub at Deutsche Telekom are able to consistently utilize the ‘machine learning’ field for our customers and develop applications that make your life a little easier every day.