In the name of love

"If you want to be happy all the time, you have to change often" says Confucius.

The Germans move an average of 4.5 times in their lives – 4.8 million households change their living quarters every year.* The best thing about it: The most common reason for 43% is LOVE.

But those who have already moved themselves know the other side of the coin: paperwork and never-ending queues make moving with moving agencies a time-consuming experience. It is therefore hardly surprising that more than 22% of Germans change their fixed network provider with the move.**

And this is where the team of squad leader Ann-Christin Schwarz from One Conversation comes into play. In the past, an armada of technicians and a lot of waiting was necessary to find the (right) connection, move it and finally unlock it in the new apartment.
Our AI will take over in future and allow our customers to have an extra day for their love – which is the real reason for the move.

Source: *Umzugsstudie 2018, **Deutsche Post Adresse GmbH & Co. KG